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I am one of the two directors in a department of about 20 people.For this first time this year, we put all our annual goals and wishlist into a project form and assigned owners and teams based on individual strengths and interests.If you want to get nominally fancy, you can resource-drive your schedule to see how all those overlapping resources will pan out.Resource-driving will help you see where your resources might be overcommited (more than 100% combined for all projects), and you can then level schedules accordingly.I am not a project manager, and the projects I am dealing with are not technical (no softwares, construction, etc.) But I need to make sure that 30 different projects are completed successfully by the end of the year by different (but overlapping) team.And I would like suggestion on how to simplify that.

If you want more detail at the "portfolio" level, you can require specific dashboards that contain more detailed, but still high-level information on each project.Project manager and external project leaders are responsible for both executing project details and updating their project summary information. -CC I hear you about needing a simple tool to get the job done.Our tool, Santex Q is designed to be easy to use and not overly complicated.IMO, Excel should only be used to track a 2 day project max! You need to have one centralized place where you can easily access your project information, and you need the tool to make your life easier on the long run (such as sending notifications on your behalf).Pay a few bucks a month for a decent online tool, let them handle the infrastructure, and have your data accessible from everywhere and to anyone (you wish to give access to).

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