Sedating agents

The most serious complication is respiratory failure from airway obstruction or hypoventilation.Advanced airway-management skills are a mandatory prerequisite for performing these techniques.See page 19 for more information6 The most important recommendation involves the person performing the procedure.This person must have an understanding of the medications administered, the ability to monitor the patient’s response to the medications given, and the skills necessary to intervene in managing all potential complications.

Because of the range of sedation, it cannot be assumed that spontaneous ventilation will occur at each level.Common indications for the use of PSAA are listed in Etomidate is an imidazole derivative that possesses little analgesic effect.Intravenous use produces a hypnotic state, usually within one minute.The duration of effect is brief, lasting three to five minutes at standard dosages.Etomidate is metabolized rapidly by the liver, and the duration of effect may be longer in patients with liver failure.8The only contraindication to etomidate is hypersensitivity to the medication, but caution should be taken during pregnancy (etomidate is a pregnancy category C drug), and the general precautions regarding procedural sedation and patient selection also should be considered.

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